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A Building Schools for the Future legacy ICT project in Hull

Invent something to make life better

Whether it’s a washing watcher that checks for rain and messages your smart phone to bring your washing in, a smart plant pot that never needs watering, or a flood alarm that texts you before your house is under water, we want the young citizens of Hull designing and making their own inventions to make the local community better.

Through training sessions and the installation of a cutting edge network, the project will equip the City of Hull for a better, connected future.

ConnectedHull will make it easy for communities to use technology to solve problems and bring the Internet of Things to everyone.

ConnectedHull empowers communities to collect data to solve problems and improve their local area. Through workshops, we will show how anyone can use technology to remotely measure something in their enviroment. The project will culminate in an interactive showcase to interpret the data; combining art, computer science, music and cutting edge digital projection.
We're challenging the citizens of Hull to use their Digital Making skills to make a better, more connected world.

Example Projects

Air Quality:

Discover when and where air quality could be a problem so you can take action.

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Flood alert

Get early notification of rising water and respond before too much damage occurs.

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Washing Watcher

Detect if it rains in your back garden and receive a text to bring the washing in!

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Connected Technology

At the heart of the project is a new, subscription free, low-power network covering the city. This allows information to be sent near instantaneously across the city without constly contracts from a battery powered device low power enough to run for years.

Data collected from sensors across the city will be displayed on this website to allow remote monitoring and give information allowing rapid response and more informed decision making.

Project Partners

ConnectedHull is a collboration between:

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OpenLX is the lead technology partner. They are responsible for the CodeBug, PiFace and Microstack Brands.

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RM Education

Developing engaging and inspiring solutions for the effective use of technology in education

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Hull City Council

Connecting communities and raising aspirations to bring about positive change through the legacy of Building Schools for the Future.

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Pure Broadband

Pure Broadband offers business and residential connectivity through its high perfomance network